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Tips for Effective Bath Design


There are so many ways we can shape and change our space to make it exactly what it is we want it to be. More and more, this idea has been expanded beyond the attention paid to our living rooms to other public spaces—and particularly to bath design. The bathroom is an interesting space, indeed. Though it is certainly a public room of the house, it is also one of the most intimate spaces in the home. Some our most mundane tasks are performed in the bathroom, and also some of our most personal. Between all of these tasks, too, most of us spend a considerable amount of time here. Interior designers all over will tell you that consumers are being much more particular about bath design—and for good reason. With the millions of options and the incredible customizability of fixtures, building materials, appliances, and décor; why not? This is one room where personal preference makes all the difference.

Bath design, like other areas of building design, requires strict attention to detail and seemingly millions of considerations. With the help of the right interior designer or architect, however, it can lead to incredible results… and the bathroom of your dreams. Here are some tips for creating your own piece of paradise in your home.

  1. Think outside the box. The great thing about current trends in bath design is that they embrace big and bold. Don’t be afraid to really showcase your personality in this space. Really take your own needs and preferences into consideration. Not a bath person? Think rain showerhead. Put on your makeup in the bathroom? Perhaps having a small vanity would be beneficial.
  2. Think Zen. Remodeling or designing your bathroom is a great opportunity to really embrace serenity in one area of your home. Choosing a motif that is calming and relaxing will not only give new life to your space, but provide you with emotional benefits as well. Don’t forget to tap into every sense when it comes to design for relaxation—aromatherapy along with calmed colors will heighten the experience.
  3. Think before you leap. Whereas we are all excited to get started on our projects and jump in head first, preparation really is the key to effective bath design. Consulting with interior designers is highly recommended, particularly in regards to appliance and fixture layout. A little oops can turn into a very big (and expensive) fix-up. Create a solid plan that addresses not only décor, but the practical and ergonomic makeup of the space.

Whether you want your bathroom to look like a Zen garden or a tropical paradise; whether you are renovating your bathroom to increase your property value for resale, or just want to make your home feel just a little bit more so, great bath design opens your possibilities and allows you to customize your space in a way that only great interior designers can. Designers and architects are here to help us realize our perfect space—so consult one on your next bath design project and make it yours.


Photo by Kate Ter Haar

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