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Archability: Not Just for Architects


If this is your first visit to Archability, you may think that you’ve stumbled into a world where a Degree in Architecture is a requirement for entry. It’s true that one of Archability’s primary functions is providing assistance to Architects searching for qualified professionals to join their teams on various projects. The site also provides a location where Architects can read about and bid on future work that may be on the horizon.  However, these services are just a small part of what Archability is all about.

Architectural Services Professionals

There are a lot of highly trained professionals working in the architectural field who don’t have a Degree in Architecture. Architectural illustrators, cad operators, designers, and many other skilled professionals provide invaluable services to Architects and can also help customers with projects not requiring a professional license. Archability is a site where Architectural Services professionals can discuss latest industry trends, building code interpretations, and bid on upcoming projects.

Archability for Homeowners

Recent economic conditions have hurt the remodeling and home improvement industries, but they haven’t ground to a complete halt and may even be showing signs of beginning a recovery in some markets. Families continue to renovate their homes, finish basements and attics, and in many cases are deciding to add on rather than move up a larger home during a difficult real estate market. Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value survey found that for 2010-2011 the average national cost for adding a family room was about $85,740. Creating an attic bedroom can cost you about $51,428, and if you want to add a master suite to your home, you may spend about $108,090 before you have a chance to relax in that new Jacuzzi.

When you’re spending that kind of money, making sure the job is done right the first time is important and starting with a good set of working drawings is the first step. Archability provides a platform where you can post your project and receive bids from qualified Architectural Services professionals. Just a few of the reasons for hiring a trained expert to do your drawings:

  • Creating a design with the most efficient use of space
  • Providing stamped drawings for permits
  • Proper sizing and placement of doors and windows
  • Ensuring that local and national building codes are met
  • Proper sizing of structural members

If you’re adding on to your home, an Architect or Drafts-person can design the addition so it flows into the existing structure rather than always standing out as an afterthought.

Archability for Business Owners

As the economy continues to recover many business owners may begin thinking about an expansion at their existing location or perhaps having a new building constructed. Depending on the size being considered, the location of the business and the use group classification it falls under, you may be required by your local building officials to have drawings provided by a licensed Architect.

Archability allows you to post your project and connect with Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, and others experienced in providing drawings for your type of business. You can solicit proposals from and hire from our talent pool for just the drawings or reduce your stress level by having them manage the entire project.

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  1. Enoch
    November 11, 2011 at 2:39 pm #

    Very interesting. I’d like to feature you in a future blog post. If anyone is up for an interview, drop me an email.

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