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Architectural Services Defined: Part 6


If you’re new to Archability, the breadth of services available to clients can be overwhelming to those unfamiliar with the field of architecture. To help clients understand the variety of services and select the best talent for their job, this series of articles will give an overview of each service type available through Archability. Be sure to start with the first installment to learn about them all: CAD, Interior Design, Specifications, Design, Landscape, Estimating, Rendering, Planning, Structural, Modeling, Urban Design, M.E.P., Animation, Photography, Web Services, Graphics, Environmental, and more.


Graphics is a broad category of services that is an important aspect to all projects. Graphic design influences everything from business logos to presentation images to print and web design. Graphic design is all about how an idea is communicated clearly in a visual way with consistency and impact. Graphics is also incorporated into marketing, signage and wayfinding. Graphics can be designed for small projects such as packaging, business card design or they can be created for large projects such as identity pieces for large campuses or city designs. Graphics play a large role in the creation of websites, apps and digital media as well.

If you need a new logo, printed materials or consistent imagery, graphics may be right for you.


Environmental design can refer to both sustainable (ecologically friendly) design practices as well as location based design strategies. Environmental design often goes hand in hand with urban design, graphic design and landscape design. For sustainable based designs, Environmental design encompasses sound MEP design to control indoor air quality and implements appropriate acoustic and lighting solutions to mitigate noise and light pollution. Environmental design considers the comfort and health of the occupant and proposes solutions that meet the needs not only of the current user, but also future generations. How an environment is utilized and perceived is a large part of environmental design. Creating spaces that are inviting, comfortable, warm, and energizing are all challenges that a qualified environmental designer can help with.

If you need to adjust your environment to achieve specific user goals, environmental design may be right for your project.

And More!

Archability is uniquely positioned to connect clients and contractors across a wide range of disciplines relating to architecture, engineering and construction from across the globe. Beyond these listed categories, contractors will often have additional services they can offer to potential clients and many form lasting relationships that lead to future work. If you need to get connected to professionals with the right experience and skills, look no further than Archability. Start today by reading all about the process and start looking for jobs or posting your projects for bids.

Brinn Miracle is a licensed architect working in Houston, Texas. She writes about architecture and design topics at her blog,

October 15, 2013

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