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Architectural Services Defined: Part 5


If you’re new to Archability, the breadth of services available to clients can be overwhelming to those unfamiliar with the field of architecture. To help clients understand the variety of services and select the best talent for their job, this series of articles will give an overview of each service type available through Archability. Be sure to start with the first installment to learn about them all: CAD, Interior Design, Specifications, Design, Landscape, Estimating, Rendering, Planning, Structural, Modeling, Urban Design, M.E.P., Animation, Photography, Web Services, Graphics, Environmental, and more.


Animation is a broad category of service that can involve anything from simple rotating objects, to complicated ‘walk-throughs’ to feature length digitally created movies. Animation plays an important role in architectural visualization and opens the doors for how designers can communicate their ideas to clients. For the product designer, an animation illustrating complicated pieces coming together to form a larger whole can aid in manufacturing and fabrication of products. For architects, animations may consist of a virtual walk-through of a new building or a ‘fly-by’ of a larger urban design. For building component suppliers, adding a video showing the steps of installation can help consumers and contractors understand the value and proper installation of a component. Animations can assist in educating your audience and is a key component in explaining difficult 3D concepts visually.

If you need to visually demonstrate fabrication processes, clarify spatial forms, or emphasize how your product is unique in a simple way, animation may be right for you.


Quality photography is an essential component to every project, as it is often the image that will catch a buyer’s attention. In the age of smart phones and Instagram, some may question the need for a professional photographer, but rest assured that hiring a qualified photographer is worth more than the paper the image is printed on. Experienced photographers will come equipped with the right tools to make your project shine. Whether you need to capture images of a physical model, document the progress of a construction project or desire to submit images for publication, photography of your project is something that will last far beyond the changing ‘documentation’ trends. Photographs that capture the essence of a space and reflect the designer’s intent are the ones that move people and ultimately draw in new clients. Making a sound investment in quality images is as important as the project itself.

If you need to market your work to new clients, document projects for a portfolio or want to submit work for publication, photography is essential for your project.

Web Services

Web services are an essential component to every business. Whether you need assistance with occasional back end services or a full website design, Archability can put you in touch with the right talent for the job. Web services can include anything from basic website design to setting up hosting and domain registration to managing the content uploads and ongoing maintenance. Website design ranges from simple template based sites with minimal customization to fully custom sites that involve a high degree of integration with outside platforms. A web designer can guide you on what type of site will be best for your needs. Blog, e-commerce, and social media integration are additional services provided by many web designers. Finally, web services can include the day to day or annual maintenance of a website, from completing backups, facilitating hosting transfers and managing content.

If you have a need for website design, social media integration or back end support, Web services may be right for you.

Join us next month as we discover the other services offered by contractors through Archability. If you haven’t yet, be sure to read all about the process and start looking for jobs or posting your projects for bids.

Brinn Miracle is a licensed architect working in Houston, Texas. She writes about architecture and design topics at her blog,

September 27, 2013

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