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Architectural Services Defined: Part 2


If you’re new to Archability, the breadth of services available to clients can be overwhelming to those unfamiliar with the field of architecture. To help clients understand the variety of services and select the best talent for their job, this series of articles will give an overview of each service type available through Archability. Be sure to start with the first installment to learn about them all: CAD, Interior Design, Specifications, Design, Landscape, Estimating, Rendering, Planning, Structural, Modeling, Urband Design, M.E.P., Animation, Photography, Web Services, Graphics, Environmental, and more.


Design is a broad category of services offered by Archability’s contractors, but it is the building block of almost all other services. Design services may begin with general planning and strategizing about a design problem and potential solutions or it could be a consultation session covering the different concepts and goals a client has for their project. Design services may also focus on specifics and incorporate other service areas such as Interior Design, CAD drafting and more. Design services will usually consist of high level conversations to determine the specific course of action needed for a client’s project. Starting a project with an in depth review of expectations, desired outcomes and project goals will lay a solid foundation for the successful completion of the work. Let a contractor lead you through the steps of architectural design and advise on the best strategy for your project. Designers will express your visions in creative conceptual ways and help you get fired up about your next endeavor.

If you are looking for high level conversations and ideas to get your project started on the right track, Design services may be right for you.

Landscape Design

Landscape design is a broad topic that can cover everything from plant species selection for your job site to master planned gardens and communities. Landscape design is a careful blend of natural and man-made elements that compliment one another. Landscape designers may be formally or informally trained, and many will have specialties in different sized projects. Landscape designers advise on what types of plants will best meet your needs, whether you are looking for something low-maintenance, flashy and attractive, environmentally sensitive or native to the area. In addition to choosing the right plants, landscape designers can advise on optimum planting spacing, depth and the required care for your gardens. By combining a creative design background with expert knowledge on plants, landscape designers are able to develop beautiful responses to design problems which can enhance an architectural design.

If you are looking for a landscape design that will compliment your project or advice for which plants will work well for your site, landscape design may be right for you.


Estimating is crucial to every project. The amount of money that is spent on construction projects is a huge portion of the overall budget, which includes land acquisition, design fees, regulatory fees and commissioning fees. Ensuring your project budget is on target is paramount to success. Estimators can approach a project from many perspectives and can implement a variety of techniques to come up with an anticipated cost. Materials, labor, shipping, handling and more can be calculated. Estimators can also advise on appropriate allowances and contingencies. If the entire scope of a project is unknown or in the early stages, an estimator can be a valuable asset in providing high level initial estimates to assist in feasibility studies. Working from industry standard price lists and prior experiences, estimators can calm fears and confirm numbers to help you get your project started on the right foot.

If you are looking for a starting ball-park figure before beginning work or need detailed cost analysis completed, estimating may be right for you.

Join us next month as we discover the other services offered by contractors through Archability. If you haven’t yet, be sure to read all about the process and start looking for jobs or posting your projects for bids.

Brinn Miracle is an architectural intern, journalist and residential designer. She writes about architecture and design topics at her blog,

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